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Defending Jacob By: William Landay

by onetreeview, December 10, 2013

defending jacob2

Review By:  Kim

I love a good mystery but I’ve been putting this one off because the idea of a legal/courtroom setting wasn’t appealing to me at all. The title threw me off. I understood it as defending jacob in court, which applies – but this is MORE about defending the jacob who is your kid. This is the story of two very different 14 year old schoolmates. One ends up dead, the other ends up accused of killing the other. The parents’ perspectives on both sides are closely examined.

Your kid. If you have one, it’s easy to get enveloped in the meaning of this story. Could you picture your kid as a murderer, even if he or she were one? And if your fears of such a horrible thing were true…what would you do? Do you lie for them, do whatever it takes to keep them from out of jail? Or do you do the right thing, the moral thing? Which is what?

What if you were the parent of the kid that was murdered? What a heartbreaking thing to go through. How do you feel about the person who murdered your kid? Is it possible to EVER forgive something like that? Maybe not. Ever. In that case, is it revenge you seek? How far would you go to be sure the monster who murdered your kid suffers in the worst possible way?

The infamous nature vs nurture issues comes up as well. Which way do you see it? Can a kid inherit the ‘violent’ gene, grow up in a perfect environment & still end up a violent killer – because it’s in his genetic makeup to do so? How about bullying? How much does being bullied day in & day out affect a kid? How much punishment is the bully deserving of?

Lots of thinking to do with this book. What you think will happen, won’t. It’s a great whodunnit until the end, one of those in which really – you make up your own mind. The evidence points one direction, will you or won’t you choose to believe it?

Awesome book! I can understand all of the hooplah it’s been getting. Those books that make you ponder long after you have finished it are something special for certain. This is a story that sticks with you & is hard to forget. SO DEFINITELY worth your time! Five enthusiastic stars from me and tons of well deserved ratings from other readers as well!

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